All You Need To Know About Royal Jelly. A Complete Guide.

The world is changing very quickly. We are moving ahead faster. And, when I say fast, I mean fast in terms of a number of things let that be communication or travel or maybe food. The former two have surely done us some good but has the later done any better? That’s the question that we should be asking ourselves. There are a number of factors and social changes that have made us accept the modern world trends but, should those be at the cost of our health and hygiene? Diseases like Covid,environmental factors & our food habits are affecting our health in a negative manner . This is where Royal Jelly, a magical emulsion secreted by honeybees  comes to your rescue , solving many issues humankind is facing .

What is Royal Jelly?

In the middle of this world full of adulterated food and the decreasing hygiene, I came across something fresh, something pure, something that was there but not known, at least to me. Royal Jelly they call it. A jelly-like emulsion secreted and produced by a group bees, the worker bees to induce growth and development of the queen bee. It is named royal for a reason, see. Though it is also a product extracted from the honeycomb but it should not be confused with honey.

The pure royal jelly is cremish in color, phenolic in odor and sweet or bitter in taste depending upon some factors. It is a mixture of water, proteins, lipids, sugar and ash and also contains a number of minerals like potassium, calcium, etc. This nutritional factor makes it a complete diet for the queen bees. Not just for the bees, it has a number of health benefits for humans as well. It contains a variety of nutrients and its unique protein and fatty acids are a reason for its efficiency of making it a healthy part of our diet. 

Talking about its cultivation, it is collected from each honeycomb when the queen larvae are almost four days old.These are the only cells in which huge amounts are deposited; when royal jelly is fed to worker larvae, it is fed directly to them, and they consume it as it is produced, while the cells of queen larvae are “stocked” with royal jelly much faster than the larvae can consume it. 

Health benefits :

Heart-friendly nature :

In today’s world where heart failures have become a routine, royal jelly takes care of your heart as it affects the cholesterol levels positively reducing the risk of heart attacks. A study saw a decline of 11% in total  and 4% in “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in people who consumed about 3 grams of royal jelly daily. Sounds fantastic, right? 

Useful for good skin:

Not just our heart that lies inside the chest, it is also beneficial for our skin as it supports both wound healing and other inflammatory diseases when consumed either orally or topically.Why not give it a try.

Maintaining blood pressure:

Another health factor that is bothering the men and women in today’s world is improper blood pressures. People either have increased or decreased blood pressures which makes it an extremely dangerous health hazard. A number of specific proteins present in the royal jelly help in relaxing smooth muscle cells of our veins and arteries hence lowering our blood pressure as well.

Maintaining sugar levels:

Just like pure honey, the royal jelly has a lot of other health benefits also which include regulating blood sugar. Studies have shown an amazing result in curing the increased blood sugar levels by the regular consumption of Royal Jelly. 

Sharpens brain and cures dry eyes:

Consumption of Royal Jelly has proven very beneficial for the improved memory in humans as it removes certain chemicals from the human brain which are related to Alzemier’s. It is also extremely beneficial in treating chronic dry eyes.

Boosts Immunity:

The novel coronavirus has literally shook the world and everyone is trying his/her best to stay home and stay safe. But is that all we need to fight against it? Indeed no, we need a strong immune system as well because we can’t be sure of not contracting the virus. A strong immune is must. Royal jelly helps build a strong immune system by promoting anti-bacterial activities in our body. 

A small drop of royal jelly contains a lot of benefits for you to stay healthy and look younger. Yes you read it right, royal jelly can actually help you look younger by its anti-aging properties. It is also very helpful and effective when it comes to treating infertility issues in women. With the increase in the intake of processed and fast food, there has been a huge increase in the PCOD and PCOS in women. A study reveals that the regular consumption of the royal jelly can actually help you stay away from it and enjoy your adulthood to the best. 

Who has been using it?

There is an interesting fact about the royal jelly, which says that Queen Elizibith who is currently in her nineties used royal jelly to stay fit and kill her fatigue. I am repeating my words, it is called royal for a reason. Not just her, many other members have been consuming the Royal Jelly for a fit and healthy life. 
The point here is, why aren’t we consuming it when it has all the benefits we need in our daily lives. One of the reasons that I feel can be the lack of awareness. I was also not aware of this gem until I studied about it. Now that you know about it, why not give it a try and find the difference yourself. To book your bottle of a sound health visit us

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